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Parallel Destinies [RPG]'s Journal
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Tuesday, July 1st, 2008
9:43 pm
WIP: Background + History
Okay people... here's the next installment... the background/history pages. I hope it makes sense... it might be a liiiiiiitle bit confusing, I dunno. But yeah... places now have NAMES (World: Vale... Country: Camirae... City: Talon) that they didn't have before... hope these are alright. Feel free to comment on any mistakes/things you would like to adjust. (Map will be posted later)

The World Of Vale

In another universe, unrequited destinies unfold.

Vale, an Earth-like world, exists in a parallel dimension. It is one amongst infinite alternate realities that exist alongside our own. At first glance, it is not a particularly remarkable world. It’s history is similar to our own with only a few differences in recent years. It’s population follows a typical hierarchical structure and is, for the most part, human. Even the supernatural talents inherent in the world’s inhabitants are in no way unique amongst the infinite possibilities of the Multiverse. No, to see what makes Vale truly special you have to look beyond the obvious.

Due to some unfathomable event in the history of the planet, a miniscule tear has opened up between Vale’s reality and the rest of the Multiverse, becoming steadily unstable over time. A small selection of the world’s inhabitants now know for certain that there are other dimensions out there. What’s more, they also know what it’s like having lived in these other dimensions; for whenever a life is extinguished on one of these parallel worlds, the memories of that individual often implant themselves within the mind of the corresponding life on Vale.

Often realising themselves in dreams or visions, these memories have different effects on Vale’s citizens. In some cases the memories are dismissed as fanciful hallucinations, and whilst never forgotten, can be pushed to the back of one‘s mind until brought back forcefully. In others, the dreams are viewed as a curse; a life’s memories implanted in a mind that neither needs nor wants them, reluctantly pulling the recipient into a sequence of events they have no control over. But in the majority of cases, the memories are eventually accepted; the individual choosing to act on the experience as they see fit, following the path destiny has chosen for them.

Fate itself has a way of drawing people together. This is a Multi-Universal truth. Those who met previously in another dimension may very well be drawn to each other once more, whether they like it or not. Friends will be reunited. Enemies will face each other once more. Lost love will be requited. Battles that have never been won will be concluded. And whilst some will initially recognise others from their previous reality, those others might be from an entirely different reality altogether. This is the world of Vale, and here, anything is possible.

Timeline: A History Of Vale

Until recent years, Vale’s history has been similar to that of Earth. From the ‘Ancient’ period of grandiose civilisation through the ‘Dark Ages’ and society’s fall back into a more primitive way of living, on to the gradual enlightenment of the ‘Middle Ages’ and further refinement of the ‘Renaissance Era’ right up to the so-called ‘Industrial’ society of the 20th century. It is within the 20th century  that Vale‘s history began to branch from that of Earth‘s.

The late 1800s and turn of the century brought a number of major changes. Equality of gender, class and race began to be an issue. Along with this came many startling realisations. For the first time, the world’s population began to acknowledge each race’s unique talents. Once persecuted world-wide for their skills being marks of evil, those with inherited ‘Magical’ abilities finally began to be accepted in society. In comparison to Earth, race and gender equality were established surprisingly quickly, though the gap between social classes lingered for a good deal longer. There is still a wealth gap between continents even in modern day Vale.

Advances in technology, combined with research into genetic traits once seen as ‘Magic’ gave rise to a great deal of scientific progress. Unfortunately, these advances also led to new forms of warfare and many large-scale wars were fought over the course of the 20th century and into the 21st. However, unlike Earth and it‘s long range weapons of mass destruction, Vale was interested in developing more and more advanced technologies for hand-to-hand combat. Where Earth technology gave rise to the Nuclear Bomb, Vale first developed advanced war machines and later bio-mechanic beings to fight in the place of weak humans. Instead of Earth’s country-annihilating biological and chemical agents, Vale started genetically engineering their troops with enhancements to improve their fighting ability. Ever seeking to improve their man-power, the richer countries started a number of experimental programs to try and upgrade their soldiers into the perfect fighting machines. Amongst them were the ‘Super Soldier’ and ‘Mechanoid’ projects, which were partially successful but eventually had to be abandoned due to lack of funding and unforeseen side effects.

Now, though in a period of relative stability, Vale is in a state of constant unrest. The past century of Worldwide Wars is still effecting it’s toll on the world’s population; small disputes often escalating into battles and even small-scale wars. Democracy, though still prominent in some parts of the world, has fallen into obscurity, many countries choosing Military rule as the safer option. The richer countries find themselves in constant dispute over land or beliefs with their neighbours, which often keeps the Military busy. Due to this, lawlessness has become prevalent in most major cities, leading to the rise of the Syndicates as major forces of territorial power across the world. To combat the often criminal activity encouraged by the Syndicates, Law Enforcement in the cities has been pushed to it’s limits. Sadly, they are barely able to keep peace, let alone combat the Syndicates and their law-defying power. Caught in the midst of all this is the Civilian population who must learn to cope with the epic power struggles going on around them.

Welcome To Talon

Talon, the largest city in Camirae, comes across as both cultural melting-pot and corporate mecca. Located in one of the world’s richest countries, it manages to attract a huge amount of business, making it an influential seat of power. The Military-run government stationed at The Colonnade,  is located in picturesque parkland just outside of the city, in truth, hardly more than a popular tourist attraction. On the other hand, the local Syndicates have set up their headquarters right at the heart of the city, governing from within. Yet even the Syndicates don’t have complete control, mainly due the constant in-fighting between the main two factions. It is one of the few cities that manages to have a strong police presence, well-regulated for the protection of the population.

Architecturally the city is a mix of state-of-the-art skyscrapers and historic monoliths. Though once beautiful, many parts of the city have fallen into decay. Building upkeep is not regulated and many of the older parts of town are in desperate need of restoration. What few architectural landmarks are preserved stand near the heart of the city and are, often as not, owned by the Syndicate. In comparison, the new skyscrapers that have been erected in recent years are almost all located in the business district and are for corporate use only. Sad to say, urban regeneration is not a high priority in the outer districts of Talon.

It is a diverse city, harbouring a large immigrant community on top of it’s local population. People from across Vale tend to flock to Talon in search of their fortunes. A few manage to make a name for themselves, but many do not, and end up living impoverished lives in immigrant ghettos.

[Insert MAP OF TALON here]

Talon is divided up into districts, each with it’s own cultural background and each with different levels of wealth and influence.

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Wednesday, June 11th, 2008
4:09 am
WIP: Banner Art
Okay... This is my first of the Themed Banners for the comm. This one sorta centres around the Syndicate... there will be others for the military and police/security forces eventually. I need to find some way of integrating them all into the theme... maybe this as our opening pager and advertisement for the comm... then possibly camouflage to signify the military, as our colour background... and then cop cars in the header bar? I dunno... whaddaya all think? I could always do this as a three-way rotating GIF too... with each as a banner which just changes regularly. Put up some ideas, guys!

- Reno-ina. xxx

P.S. Okay... nuff work for today... I'm off to beddy-byes!

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1:03 am
WIP: Rules

~ Play Fair: This means absolutely no godmoding or stirring up of wank/drama in the comm. Godmoding, the act of predicting and writing up another player’s character actions for them is strictly forbidden. Of course there will be instances where a mun new to the roleplaying genre may slip up and conduct godmodish behaviour. These first time offenders will get a warning and will be asked to insure that it does not happen again. Persistent offenders will be severely disciplined and, most likely in this worse case scenario, thrown out. Those purposefully causing conflict and drama between other muns/mods will get a similar treatment to godmoders.

~ Be Realistic: While this RP is set in a world where there are allowances for everything from fantastical powers to physical enhancements, please realise that there are still restrictions on what your character can do. No one character is invincible or has the ability to be loved and respected by everyone. Inevitably, your characters will have weaknesses as well as strengths. That is why these sections are included in the application. Please remember to show your character’s flaws as you play them. On this note, please try to keep your characters as In-Character throughout as you possibly can. Once you know your character’s personality well enough, it will become less of a process of you interpreting their actions and more of them playing themselves. Of course, this being RP, you will always be including a small part of your own personality into the characters… just be sure not to let this turn your character into a complete self-insert.

~ Participate: If you join the comm and apply for a character then you will be held responsible for that character’s activity. There will be activity checks and if your character has not posted in over a week at the time of the check then they will be put on the inactive list. If a further week goes by and there have still been no posts, then your character is at risk of being dropped from the community. Of course, if you are going to be away for a long period of time/cannot update for whatever reason, then you can post up a ‘Hiatus Notification’ on the [OOC Noticeboard]. It does not have to be very long… simply a note stating why and how long you will be on hiatus. We understand that some of you may not wish to explain the reason of a hiatus for personal reasons. In this case, simply state that you will be on hiatus and roughly for how long (provided this is known).

~ Literacy Matters:
Please try to keep your writing up-to-scratch. Spelling and grammer are important both for character coherency and to insure your fellow players understand you. There will be certain allowances for characters who are naturally bad writers or speak with a certain accent… this is for the sake of keeping your character IC and is fine. However, this will mostly show in the journal posts. Correct spelling/grammer (to the best of your abilities) will be expected during 3rd person narratives in logs. It is recommended that new members have had prior experience in a written RP background, but this is not always possible. Newbies are welcome provided they can cope with the required standards.

~ Use Warnings: This is an adult roleplaying game, therefore there will be contents which are unsuitable for younger players, or things that some other players might just not want to read. Mimicking the real world, just about anything is allowed, provided it does not contest with the overall Livejournal rules. Please try to keep highly controversial subject matter to a minimum in your journal posts simply because they are not as screen able as other posts. And do, above all, use the appropriate warnings for profanity, violence and sexual content whenever you post up a log. Thank you.

~ Pick Wisely: As with the majority of RPs, this community discourages applying for more than one character from the same canon. This is to encourage the players to branch out from the one genre base and also to prevent the muns from hogging a large selection of characters from one background. However, this rule is mainly a discouragement. Due to an RP being classed as a ‘canon’ world here, members can apply for more than one character from a canon. However, apps will be considered on a character-to-character basis, and if it is felt a player is merely applying to covet a large number of characters from a base canon then they are at risk of having their applications denied. Also, because this is a parallel universe game, there is only one version of a particular character allowed in the game at one time, no matter what original canon.

~ Know Your Limits: For now, there is a limit of 4 Playable Characters per mun. This is equally to encourage an intensity of RP in the existing characters, insure muns do not hog groups of characters to themselves and to not lay too much of a burden on the players. We know you may have the time and ability to play many characters at once, but prefer it if you concentrate your energies on a select few characters to make them your best. If one or more characters get too much for you, then there is the possibility of dropping them. In this case please go to the [OOC Noticeboard] and make a post with the title ‘Dropping Character’ and the details of why you wish to drop them. Remember though, that simply abandoning your character will have a huge impact on the people you have been roleplaying with. If possible, try to write your character out of the plot before you drop them. Whether through death, unexplained disappearance or relocation, it is far more polite to do this for your fellow muns. At the moment there is no limit as to how many NPCs you can have.

~ Be Event-Savvy:
Due to the free-ranging nature of the RP, there is no overall plot that your characters must follow. However, there will be a number of world-wide events that may or may not have an effect on your character. However, certain location-specific and group-specific events will certainly effect the people in the location/group mentioned. For this reason, please keep an eye on the [IC Event Noticeboard].

And most importantly?

~Have Fun:
We have tried to make this roleplay as free-form and enjoyable as is possible. The sky’s the limit. So go out there and enjoy yourselves. We welcome you all to Parallel Destinies!

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Sunday, May 25th, 2008
4:10 am
WIP: Skills List Part 2 - Enhancements
Woot... second half of Skills Page done... here are all the scientifically-operated 'Enhancements' available...


Element Manipulation
Flame Apprentice
Inferno Warrior
Fire Mage

Three tiers for mastery of the Fire Element. With the initial enhancement operation for fire, an Apprentice can learn basic fire conjuring and control. With the Warrior enhancement they can gain the power to throw conjured fire from their fingertips and manipulate flame to a higher level. After perfecting the skills of a Warrior, the user can then go on to advance to the highest level, giving them superior control over fire in battle and the power to make apparitions of themselves appear in flame to speak to their allies. The highest skill of the Fire Mage lies in offensive manoeuvres during the heat of battle. Higher levels of this enhancement are closely monitored by Military personnel.

Icicle Apprentice
Blizzard Warrior
Ice Mage

Three tiers for mastery of the Ice Element. At Apprentice level, the user can learn how to conjure a frost to freeze liquids and how to control the element for their purposes. If enhancing to Warrior level, they will learn how to use ice to their advantage in battle, whether by freezing the enemy, casting an ice sheet on the ground around them or affecting the weather in an adverse way. But only the Mage level will give their character full control over the element, allowing them to put it to many uses in battle and communing through ice mirrors. The strength of the Ice Mage lies in defence and blocking. Higher levels of this enhancement are closely monitored by Military personnel.

Spark Apprentice
Storm Warrior
Lightning Mage

Three tiers for mastery of the Lightning Element. As an Apprentice, the enhancement allows the user to conjure lightning to them and safely manipulate it to fall where they wish. After the second enhancement, the Warrior can learn to throw lightening and stun an attacker or completely immobilise a foe. When they are advanced up to Mage level, they can learn how to use their powers to the maximum in battle and send their voice through the lightening strikes. The Lighting Mage’s forte lies in the immobilising and capture of the enemy. Higher levels of this enhancement are closely monitored by Military personnel.

Cloud Apprentice
Hurricane Warrior
Wind Mage

Three tiers for mastery of the Air Element. During the Apprentice stage, a user will learn how to bring the sky under their control, create clouds and conjure up small gales. The Warrior level opens up the possibility of using the strength of the wind in battle to sweep away foes or blind them to stealth attacks. Once the Mage level is reached, the enhancement allows the user to gain full control over the power of a storm and bend it to their will. The foremost strength of the Wind Mage lies in deception and confusion of the enemy through weather manipulation. Higher levels of this enhancement are closely monitored by Military personnel.

Rock Apprentice
Quake Warrior
Earth Mage

Three tiers for mastery of the Earth Element. The most basic level of this enhancement allows the user to conjure small golem constructs to do their bidding and to re-arrange the landscape slowly to suit their needs. Once at Warrior level, they can open chasms and cause earthquakes during battle whilst also rearranging the ground more to their own side’s advantage. Yet it is only once the enhancement has been upgraded to Mage level that the user gains full control over the soil’s movements. They can order foliage to appear, create full-sized golems for battle and conduct full-sized earthquakes under the opponent. An Earth Mage’s specialism lies in camouflage and cornering the enemy. Higher levels of this enhancement are closely monitored by Military personnel.

Wave Apprentice
Tsunami Warrior
Water Mage

Three tiers for mastery of the Water Element. With the first enhancement operation for water, the Apprentice could bid various water sources in the vicinity to enact his wishes and gain some control over the tides. Once enhanced to Warrior level, they’d be able use the power of waves and cyclones to wreck havoc amongst a foe. However, when finally the Mage status is attained, the user can bring about cataclysmic tsunamis to wipe his enemy away. The strength of the Water Mage lies in surprise assaults and clearing the battlefield of opponents swiftly. Higher levels of this enhancement are closely monitored by Military personnel.

Mental Powers

Psych Basic
Psych Advanced

Two tiers of Psychic enhancements. At it’s most basic level, it gives the user mild telepathy and a restricted ability to read minds. At basic, another person’s emotions about a situation can be read perfectly, but individual thoughts cannot be perceived. However, at the Advanced level, the user is able to probe the mind of another and, depending on the mental strength of their subject, read their exact thoughts. With this higher level also comes a certain degree of foresight. People with this enhancement can often catch glimpses of future events. The basic operation for this is one of the more commonly available enhancements. But at the Advanced level it is virtually impossible to get hold of. Psych Advanced is one of the Military’s best kept secrets and is only ever given to Officers. If combined with the natural ability of a Future Seer, the strength of each of these powers increases dramatically.

Memory Drain

Gives the subject limited powers in brain-washing and mind-wiping. It is one of the Military’s more closely guarded skills. This enhancement is often only given to career officers in the Military, though it has also been offered to high-class investigators and government employees in Law Enforcement. Occasionally, an individual out-with these careers may have had this enhancement, but this occurrence is incredibly rare. Many black market clinics cannot get hold of the resources to perform the needed operation, and those that advertise it often perform botch-jobs.

Pain Nullifier
Often given as an enhancement to Psychic potentials who want to specialise in field medicine or to high-intensity combat soldiers. This skill will allow the user to suppress either their own physical pain or the pain of others, purely with the strength of their mind. It is more widely available than the other mental enhancements. Though still quite carefully guarded by the Military, it can often be found being offered in black market clinics and therefore often appears on the streets.

The art of moving objects with one’s mind, this enhancement is one of the rare variety that is available to the general public. Of course it’s usage is highly regulated within the public scene, but as it is only a basic-level skill, it is very common. This enhancement allows the user to shift objects over varying distances with their mind. With practice, their level of skill can rise to shift even larger objects and move them over even longer distances. Though this enhancement is readily available, it is only ever allowed to be given to those with psychic potential.

Mental Barrage

By far the most dangerous and controversial of the mental powers, this enhancement is a well-guarded military secret. Thought to be a mutation of the Psych enhancement, Mental Barrage is highly unpredictable. Whilst it allows the user to forcefully take thoughts from another person’s mind, almost foreshadow their every move and cause them physical pain through the power of thought, it also steadily eats away at the subject’s own mind too. Not a purpose-built enhancement, it comes about via a corruption of the brain whilst Psych augmentation is underway. Little is known of it and military scientists are still working on alternate means of synthesising it and curing it. There have only been a handful of cases where subjects have survived, and all these people now hold high posts in the Military.

Instinctual + Physical Augmentation

Super Soldier Instinct
Super Soldier Hybrid

The first two stages of the Super Soldier program. There was to be a ‘Super Soldier Final’, but the project was ditched before it could be put into practice. At the Instinct level, genealogists tried to integrate animal instincts into human subjects with mixed results. It often made a faster, stronger or more determined fighter, but tended to make them a bit uncontrollable for both the Military and the people themselves. Further development started to straighten out the problems of controllability, but led to others. This second level was known as the Hybrid level. It made the animal instincts easier to handle for the user but had strange side-effects. The Hybrids often ended up with actual physical animal features. This was played upon by the scientists and enhanced for a while as maybe a possible form of half-beast soldier. However, the government was not happy with the results and cut funding to the project. Now the only Super Soldiers left over are the ones from the original program.

Mechanoid Hybrid
Mechanoid Final

Much like the Super Soldier program, the program for advanced bio-mechs has now been discarded. However, unlike the Super Soldiers, there was no basic level of Mechanoid, and the final version was actually completed. Most Mechanoid enhancements are of the half-breed variety with part organic form and part robotic. Their strength is generally greater than that of an ordinary human and they withstand battle damage well. But whilst they are generally stronger, they are also slower than humans and prone to injury within their still organic body parts. The few final Mechanoids that exist are the products of a successful mind transfer from a sentient human to a robotic body. They are few and far between, but are generally very good in battle and tend to stick close to their own kind. Their one major weakness is their human mind, which often comes to odds with their all-too-logical bodies. They have not yet managed to rid themselves of their weak human emotions.


A sub-skill derived from development of the Super Soldier enhancement, this allows the user to morph just parts of their body into animal form. It was an only half-perfected enhancement, eventually meant to create full body morphs. But funding for this enhancement’s development ran out at the same time as the Super Soldier program collapsed. Whilst surgeons still perform the operation to install this enhancement in publicly accessible clinics, it is one of the more unstable skills.

Fury  Booster
A basic-level enhancement that enables the user to access their primal anger whilst in battle. Depending on the subject’s level and area of fighting ability, this enhancement will either boost their attacks or work against their style. It’s use must be carefully regulated for each user. Booster readily available to all.

Strength Booster
A basic-level enhancement that build’s the user’s strength in battle. It can be built upon by regular injections that interact with the enhancement genes and help bulk-up the user. Overuse can result in inflamed muscles and exhaustion. Booster readily available to all.

Armour Booster
A basic-level enhancement that ups the defence levels of an individual in battle. Although it does not give the user an impenetrable shield, it does toughen them up so they can withstand more damage than normal. For people who are used to holding the defensive or having to clear a path through the enemy. There have been no adverse side-effects to this enhancement, but it is one of the harder ones to come by.

Agility Booster
A basic-level enhancement that improves the agility and manoeuvrability of the user in battle. Whilst it strengthens the muscles and reflexes, it also heightens all nervous impulses and may make the subject quite skittish. Booster readily available to all.

Please, please please to be suggesting new skills to go up here! Anything you want yer characters to be able to do... c'mon! Just drop a comment.
- Reno-ina. xxx

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Monday, May 19th, 2008
11:37 pm
WIP: Skills List Part 1 - Abilities
Here's half of the Skills List done (am working on the 'Enhancements' bit at the moment)...


Blade Efficiency
Blade Intermediate
Blade Expert

Three levels of expertise in the area of hand-held personal weaponry. This includes all swords, knives, axes, shurikens and other sharp-bladed weapons both hand-wielded and thrown. Also included in this group are weapons like maces, clubs and other blunt weapons, as these have similar dynamics to bladed weapons.

Gun Efficiency
Gun Intermediate
Gun Expert

Three levels of expertise in the area of projectile weapons. This includes all guns ranging from pistols to machine guns, sniper rifles to tranquilliser guns. Also included in this section are crossbows, flamethrowers and all other projectile weapons which are automatically ejected through the air.

Brawl Efficiency
Brawl Intermediate
Brawl Expert

Three levels in the area of hand-to-hand street combat. This is the basic form of one-on-one combat that your character can learn. It is a good all-rounder battling style. Weapon skills can be added to this to make an even more thorough fighting style, but in it’s basics it’s bare-hand fighting/kicking/punching. As your skill level improves, you can also learn Martial Arts styles to add to it’s efficiency.

Vehicle Expertise
This is a wide-encompassing ability that allows your character to be an expert at operating battle machinery and other vehicles. It is not needed if the character is just using a commercial vehicle on a regular basis. But if your character wants to operate jets, helicopters, tanks, armoured vehicles, gun turrets or mechanical battle armour, they will have to have this skill.

If you want your character to specialise in the stealth/infiltration aspect of battle, then this is a vital skill to have. Whether it’s just having to fit in undercover with an opposing organisation or actually having to infiltrate an enemy country behind their lines, they’ll need the skills learnt with this to pull it off.

Tactical Advantage
For those characters who take more of a back-seat when the fighting is going on, or just take the time to plan their next move. This skill will allow a seasoned fighter to plan out an elaborate battle plan before enacting it, and will insure that the people in command have well-mapped-out strategies for their forces to undertake.

Creative Impulse
An ability which enables the character to excel in the area of creativity. A useful skill for all culturally-inclined individuals who want to pursue a career in Art, Music, Drama, Design or Production. Your character may have natural talent already, but this adds just that little bit of training and refining to make them a success.

Scientific Study
An ability which allows a character to further themselves in a scientific career. Vital for anyone who wants to specialise in genetics, medicine, mathematical engineering or physics. This will also help a character improve their analytical skills and give them access to the higher-renowned jobs in the Military class.

Business Specialism

If your character has a shrewd mind for business, then this ability will allow them to perfect these skills and become a successful entrepreneur. A very useful trait to have both as a Civilian and in a career within Organised Crime, specialising in business management will guarantee advancement up the ranks of a company. For everyone from the discerning city office worker to the ambitious syndicate member, this ability will set them on the road to a promising career.

Technical Genius
Those who have potential as computer experts, this skill will help them develop the skills to become a Technical Genius. It is a useful ability to have if specialising in computer or engineering work. It is a skill that can be used by the most lowly office workers to advance their careers, or the wannabe hacker. This skill is highly prized and will certainly widen your options for advancing from a Civilian into a Military or Freelance career.

Future Seer
Sometimes a certain level of future-sight runs in a family. It may skip a generation or two, but it is still there. It is often weak and not terribly pronounced, but it can enable the wielder the ability to see small glimpses of the future. It is a trait that ran pure in  the blood of native tribes but has been diluted over the centuries. This is for a character who is wanting to be a fortune-teller or merely have foresight at moments of importance. Studied by scientists, this gene trait has been used to aid in the making of the Psych enhancement. When used in conjunction with this drug, the ability can lead to very clear but very brief foreshadowing of the near future.

Animal Empath
This ability is often found in those who have close affinity to animals. It can manifest in many forms, be it the ability to communicate with creatures on a basic level or the ability to call them to your aid when in peril. This is not a genetic trait and often manifests itself randomly in members of the population. However, since the development of animal-enhanced ‘Super Soldiers’, the ability has become more common.

Also a trait that seems to pass itself down through the generations, the art of speaking to the dead is held in high regard in some cultures. However, much like the abilities of the Future Seer, the potency of this skill has been diluted over time. It now only manifests itself rarely. Some have claimed to access this ability through a reclusive lifestyle and meditation, though this has never been proven for sure. True mediums have had their DNA analysed by scientists, none of whom have been able to isolate a gene that could cause it.


Unlike most of the heritage-based abilities, this trait is one that can be learnt. It is however, much more likely to be passed down the generations mother to daughter or father to son. It is not a genetic ability, but instead one that is carefully guarded and taught only to the worthy. It is the knowledge of plants and nature’s materials which can be used to make potions. Once taught, a Healer can use their skills in a number of ways, either by creating miracle potions or using their knowledge to go into a career in medicine.


One of the rarest traits, the art of shape shifting can only be obtained through contact with someone carrying the trait. Whether this is through an attack and combination of blood, or through procreation, the shape shifting gene is passed on and enables the user to transform into another life form. These forms often vary, but essentially are down to the same gene. It is rumoured that it was research on these genes that went into making the first line of ‘Super Soldiers’. However, every Shapeshifter in the country is meant to be registered with the state. Rogue Shapeshifters do exist but are illegal and often become prime targets for bounty hunters. There are a limited amount of these creatures allowed in Parallel Destinies at one time.

Still a work-in-progress, but in need of new suggestions. If there is anything else you'd like to see on the list, just leave me a note in the comments. Thanks!
- Reno-ina. xxx

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Saturday, May 17th, 2008
7:59 pm
WIP: Class List
Okay... finally the Class List is drafted up:

Class List

In the Civilian career, your character holds a relatively normal position in an above-board job. This can be anything from a lowly manual worker to a high-paid professional. This variety of jobs is the basic class. Your character will probably not have any specific battle training past what members of the public can usually get a hold of. They may not be as skilled in their professional expertise as someone in the other career paths would be. For those of you wanting to play normal members of the public who won’t be as integral to major plot points and instead concentrate on your own character’s sub-plots, this is the best class for you.


Housewife ~ Shop Assistant ~ Waiter ~ Industrial Labourer ~ Farmer ~ Fisherman ~ Office Worker ~ Stockbroker ~ Journalist ~ Teacher ~ Medical Professional ~ Law Professional ~ Author ~ Movie Business Professional ~ Fire-Fighter ~ Student ~ Clergyman ~ Photographer ~ Banker ~ Artist ~ Designer.

For those in the Military career, your character will be answerable to superior military powers and the government. More prestigious than the Law Enforcement career path, it is also far more regulated. Your character will be called on for military service and major crime control whenever needed. Disobedience within these specific careers is severely punished and the further up the ranks you go, the less chance there will be to drop this particular career path. Your character will be expected to have a thorough background in battle skills (though the level of these will vary depending on your exact occupation). If starting out at a higher rank, you must detail how your character rose to that status in their background information. A good choice of career if you wish to specialise in battle-orientated RP or building up your character’s level of in-game power.

Soldier ~ Officer ~ Pilot ~ Mechanical Engineer ~ Scientist ~ Spy ~ Military-Affiliated Government Official ~ Weapons Expert ~ Geneticist ~ Computer Expert ~ Special Ops Soldier ~ Medic ~ Recruitment Officer ~ Marksman ~ Recruit Trainer ~ Armoured Vehicle Driver ~ Airship Gunner ~ Communications.

Law Enforcement
Working to wipe out organised crime and other underworld activities, the members of Law Enforcement work to keep the Civilian class safe. Being the main opposing force in the internal war against the city’s crime syndicate, characters choosing this career path will have a part to play in one of the main plots of Parallel Destinies. They may not have as well-trained a background of battle skills as those in the Military career, but there will be many specialists in professional positions with a good level of expertise. The Law Enforcement will interact with both the Civilian and Freelance classes on a far more personal basis, but will be expected to obey orders given by officials in the Military career, disobedience is usually punished, but not severely in comparison to the Military class. Those of you who have character son the side of ‘good’ and who would like an evolved part in the RP plot would be wise to choose this career.


Police Force ~ Private Detective ~ SWAT Team Member ~ Prison Service ~ Undercover Operative ~ Secretary ~ Surveillance Expert ~ Negotiator ~ Federal Investigator ~ Recovery Expert ~ Forensic Scientist ~ Sharpshooter ~ Security Guard ~ Autopsy Expert ~ Public Relations

Organised Crime

The main source of crime in Parallel Destinies, a variety of syndicates operating in major cities hold sway over all nefarious dealings going on. Though each is very powerful and operate many sub-sections of criminal dealing, they are at odds with each other and are in the process of a power struggle. The larger syndicates are often forced into clashes with those in the Law Enforcement class. If chosen, this is a very wide-reaching career path. Mainly due to it’s various sub-sections, Organised Crime has many different job options varying from street scum to the upper echelons of the ruling Families. There will be a mixture of battle skills within this area, depending on which occupation is chosen. If your character is often more drawn to jobs with a criminal element and is wanting to both build up their influence and importance in the RP then this is a possible career path for you.

Drug Dealer ~ Pimp ~ Assassin ~ Goon ~ Family Bodygaurd ~ Smuggler ~ Brothel Madame ~ Drug Synthesiser ~ Family Attendant ~ Prostitute ~ Counterfeiter ~ Getaway Driver ~ Bank Robber ~ Sharpshooter ~ Syndicate Hierarchy ~ Boss ~ Jewel Thief ~ Body Disposal ~ Torture Expert.

Relying mostly on their own ingenuity and lack of allegiance, the Freelance class are the most mutable of all the classes. They are individuals who mainly work for personal gain and riches and will sell their services to any side provided the price is fair. Characters in this career are only answerable to whoever they are currently working for are are notorious for switching sides whenever it benefits them. Often they are immensely skilled in their chosen profession and also have good battle knowledge even if it is not their specialise. However, due to their nature, people often find them hard to trust and very unreliable, making it hard to build up close relationships. This class can also act as a mid-way point for talented characters who have not yet quite chosen their allegiance yet. Those who do not want to ally themselves with any particular class, either good or bad, but still want to integrate with all of the groups equally will prefer to take this career choice.


Hacker ~ Mercenary ~ Hitman ~ Double Agent ~ Informant ~ Rogue Soldier ~ Freelance Scientist ~ Arms Dealer ~ Enhancement Junkie ~ Bounty Hunter.

Any comments/recommendations, please leave 'em here. xxx

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Friday, May 16th, 2008
10:39 pm
WIP: App Page (not final, just for concrit + stuff)
This will be the form to fill out...

Mun Info

Name: Your real name or nickname.
Age: How old are you?
LJ Journal: The name of your main blog.
Email: Enter email address here.
IM: Your AIM screen name preferably.

Character Info

Name: The character you are apping.
Age: How old are they in Parallel Destinies?
Origins: What is their original fandom? If OC, state so here.
Parallel Life: Where have they been taken from? If RP, give the name of the RP and their old journal/application info here. If a fandom canon, just state ‘Canon’ here. If from a fanfic, please name it and link to a copy of the fic (or, if not publicly available, state name of fic here and send a copy of the fic to one of the mods please).

Appearance: Details of what your character looks like in [F.A.T.E]. This will probably be different from how they looked in their parallel lives or even in original canon and will fit with whatever their job/position/heritage is in their current life. Include information like build, hair colour, eye colour, unique features and clothing style.
Strengths: What are your character’s main personality advantages? These are things intrinsic to the character themselves and cannot be learnt or acquired as they are part of the character’s attitude. They can only change over a long process of development.
Flaws: What are your character’s weaknesses? These are also character traits and important to character… they can only be reformed over long periods of time, and it is rare that a character ever truly gets rid of them.
History: What has their life been like in the world of [F.A.T.E]? You can go into quite a lot of detail for this section outlining what their life has been like up to this point in time. Everything from their childhood, upbringing and recent employment status goes here.

Class: State whether your character is Civilian, Military, Law Enforcement, Syndicate or Freelance. To find out more about character classes, go to the Class List.
Current Occupation: What is the name of the job that your character is currently in? This will depend on which class you are in, but is pretty-much a free choice within those areas.
Skills: These will be a mixture of Abilities and Enhancements. There is a limit of 2 Abilities and 2 Enhancements at the start, but more can be learnt and acquired as play progresses. To choose your skills or recommend new possibilities, go to the Skills List.

So... whatcha think? Of course there will be links attached to the words 'Class List' and 'Skills List' once I get those pages sorted. But yeah. I thought if youz guys wanted to start writing up yer apps ahead of time (but not posting them here or anything... coz this post'll be deleted once I get all the final pages sorted).

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